Second Markethill

Marriages 1821 - 1845






11 July 1821 Miss Walker, daughter of Sgt. Majors of Markethill to McCormil Tailor of Mullabrack
27 July 1821 Doctor Joseph Wilson of Markethill to Mrs Alexander, Cavanagrove.
27 October 1821 Richard Johnston to Mary Bell, Manordougherty.
7 November 1821 Robert Sleith Junior to Eleanor Boyce daughter of Samuel Boyce, Glassdrummond.
13 November 1821 John Boyd to Annie Sleith, Glassdrummond
29 April 1822 Margaret Moore daughter of John Moore, Tullyallen to ___ Milligan of Clare Congregation.
19 September 1822 Sarah Leiper daughter of William Leiper, Ballylane to Robert Louden Mr Porters Congregation.
2 October 1822 Sarah Martin daughter of William Martin, Dinnyhara to Arthur ThrernCertified by Mr Harvey
19 December 1822 James McWilliams to Mary ?burne. Both resident in Ballymacauley
9 January 1823 Lodowick Monro Certified by Mr Harvey to Sarah Fisher, Glassdrummond, daughter of Widow Fisher of said place.
4 February 1823 William Ballintine to Susanna Shields / Kilbracks.
in January 1823 William Morgan to Mary Martin, Cladymilltown
4 March 1823 ? McGill, Glassdrummond to Mrs Wilson, Tullyhappies.
8 May 1823 Mose Trinmiel and Lally Parr, Kilbracks
5 June 1823 James Moffat hearer at Redrock to Miss Fullerton Daughter of James Fullerton, Carryelain.
31 July 1823 George Robinson son of Henry Robinson of Glassdrummond to Miss Rachel Auchiltree Daughter of Henry Auchiltree, Melughey.
9 September 1823 Robert Deen hearer at Redrock to Jane Harshaw Daughter of James Harshaw, Brackley.
2 January 1824 Samuel Martin to Mary Irwin, Lattery.
December 1823 John Sleeth Senior to Mrs Hewit.
25 March 1824 James Waddle Certified by Mr Porter to Nancy Boyd, Glassdrummond.
21 May 1823 William Eager to Hanna ?? Tally, Glassdrummond.
3 June 1823 James Woods to Susanna McCulloch, Cordrummond.
17 December 1823 William Graham Certified by Mr Beattie, Kingsmill to Jane Wilson Dinnahara.
27 December 1823 Thomas Reid Certified by Mr McGowan to Miss Johnston, Dinnahara.
4 August 1825 David Bigham to Eleanor Fisher, Glassdrummond.
18 September 1825 William Montgomery, Kilbracks to Sally Mary Agnew, Lisnagat.
5 November 1825 Thomas McGuiggan to Miss Nail Seer, Markethill.
  William Woods to Mary McCulloch, Redrock Certified by Mr Harvey.
18 February 1826 Jane White, Molurgh to John Barr, Loughbrickland.
22 February 1826 William Agnew, Lisnagat to Miss Chambers, Glassdrummond.
17 March 1826 Archibald McCulloch, Cordrummon to Sarah Hendron, Kilbracks.
18 March 1826 David Hamilton, Tanaghmore to Martha Johnston of said place.
22 June 1826 ??? To Miss Iyart, Poke Mill.
8 November 1826 Anne Jane Moore to James Jones Certified by Mr ?riggs, Loughgilly.
9 November 1826 Mary McSweeney to William Ellison Certified by Mr Bell, Clare.
28 November 1826 Miss Wallace daughter of Thomas Wallace to John Armstrong of Tullyallen.
9 December 1826 James McMachan to Elizabeth Doury.
23 February 1827 ?? ?? to Miss Johnston
January 1827 Hugh Mackin to Miss Marshall, Lisnagat.
1 March 1827 David Mitchell to Mary Marshall, Drumgain.
27 November 1827 Miss Martin to John Phaserty Certified by Wiliam Keahan
15 January 1828 Miss Hanna Martin to McMahon, Poke Mill
15 February 1828 Miss Nichol to William Robinson, Carricklane.
22 February 1828 Miss Parr to John Black Certified by Mr Harvey.
24 March 1828 E-Bell Glassey to Hugh Jackson, Damoily Certified by Mr Clarke.
7 August 1828 James Harshaw to Miss Raverty, Loughgilly.
1 September 1828 James Glassey to Jane M. Jackson Certified by Mr Clarke.
14 October 1828 William Hutton Certified by Mr Henry to Mary Gibson.
23 October 1828 Alex Kinle to Jane Anderson
16 December 1828 John Martin to Miss Hadden, Ballylane
22 January 1829 John Kinley to Eleanor Shields both of Carricklane.
29 January 1829 Dorcas Harshaw to Robert Dixon Certified by Mr Malcomson
9 February 1829 S. Anderson to Robert Craig.
3 March 1829 Margaret Agnew to Thomas Jackson.
2 September 1829 James Wilson, Dinnismullan to Miss McGlaughlin near Hamiltonsbawn.
11 September 1829 Thomas Bigham to Miss Clark, Brackley.
14 December 1829 James Dougan to Miss Mary Livingston both of Carricklane
25 January 1830 John McGill to Miss Leckey, Markethill.
27 July 1830 Agnes Clarke, Brackley to James Boyd Certified by John Clarke formly Session Kingsmills.
13 September 1830 William Leeper to Miss Jelley
16 September 1830 William Parr to Ellen Parr
21 October 1830 Thomas Watson to Jane Scott, Markethill.
9 December 1830 Miss Acheson to Thomas Smyth, Killycarn.
13 December 1830 Mary Glassey to ___ McGaughey Certified by ???
28 January 1831 Nathaniel Parr to Miss Hendren, Kilbracks.
10 February 1831 Miss Parr Daughter of John Parr, Kilbracks to William Ballintine.
4 March 1831 Alexander Greer, Brackley to Miss Lamb
31 March 1831 Miss Campbell to __ Jameison, Monlurgh.
21 April 1831 Hugh Marshall to Miss Margaret Ferguson
3 May 1831 William Glassey to Dorcas Burns
7 June 1831 Margaret Anderson to Thomas McCann Certified by Mr Fisher.
10 June 1831 Clarke Louden to Miss Elizabeth Gordon, Killicairn.
23 August 1831 Hanna Dougain to William Wilson, Drumbanagher Congregation.
14 October 1831 Bella Johnston to James McIlroy, Kilbracks.
12 December 1831 David Anderson to Agnes Trimble, Edenkennedy.
21 December 1831 James Cleland to Sarah Neal, Markethill.
1 March 1832 Miss Agnes Palmer to Mr __ Slater Certified by Mr Malcomson
10 July 1832 Miss Sarah McKain to Samuel McMordie Certified by Mr McAlister.
26 July 1832 John Palmer to Miss Glasgone, Segaghan.
3 September 1832 Mary Ann McClure to John Kidd, Drumattee Certified by Mr Fisher.
19 October 1832 James Agnew to Jane Murdock, Kilbracks.
14 December 1832 Hugh Hamilton to Widow Agnew.
17 December 1832 James Gray to Miss Mary Leeper.
4 January 1833 William Glassey to Susanna Anderson, Carricklane.
11 January 1833 Samuel Thompson Certified by Mr Edgar to Margaret Harshaw, Brackley.
26 March 1833 John Loudan, Briandrum to Miss Agnes Martin, Ballylane.
28 March 1833 James Whisken to Jane Robinson, Kilbracks.
6 August 1833 John Poole Harbison to Miss Mulligan ??? William Beattie
8 August 1833 George Robinson to Miss Trew daughter of Archibald Trew.
15 August 1833 John Perry to Sarah Heany, Lisnagat.
16 August 1833 John Hutton to Mary Sleeth, Brackley.
30 August 1833 William Laverty to Miss Sarah Brown daughter of Robert Brown, Ballymacauley.
27 September 1833 Andrew Heaney to Jane Martin, Ballylane.
10 October 1833 Robert McCune to Jane McCune, Kilbracks.
31 October 1833 David Torrens to Eliza Levingston, near Markethill.
28 November 1833 Robert Wilson Certified by Mr McGowan to Eliza Anna Porter, Ballymacauley.
24 December 1833 Adam McGowan to Martha McMachan, Drumatee
24 February 1834 Thomas Hamilton to Eliza McGill, Clady.
24 March 1834 John Lynton to Elizabeth Jeffers, Ahorey.
31 July 1834 John West to Sarah Greer, Brackley.
20 September 1834 Samuel Jenkins to Mary Cully, Lattery.
21 October 1834 Laurence Sampson to Hannah Ingleby, both of Coolmillish.
15 November 1834 Robert Davidson to Agnes Nail, near Markethill.
10 December 1834 John Cummins to Hanna Cochrane.
15 December 1834 John McCann Certified by Mr Fisher to Mary Rooney.
26 January 1835 Joseph Burns to Eliza Leigh.
12 February 1835 Thomas Scott, Dirlet to Margaret Marshall, Drumgain
20 May 1835 William Leeper to Miss Amelia Black.
5 June 1835 David Coulter to Maria McCulloch, Cordrummond.
23 July 1835 Arthur Brown to Eliza Burns, Brackley.
11 January 1836 Mr Samuel Hervey to Miss Sarah Scott, Poke Mill.
21 January 1836 James Wilson Certified by Mr ?? To Miss Margaret Glassey, Corhammock.
3 February 1836 Moses Waugh to Margaret McClure, Cavanagrove.
11 March 1836 Samuel McGaughey Certified by Mr Harvey to Jane Anderson, Carricklane.
1 July 1836 John Glassey, Seaboughan to Isabella Loughiggs Certified by Rev Mr Robinson, Kilcluney.
29 August 1836 Samuel Ballintine to Jane Gray, Glassdrummond.
19 January 1837 Robert Grant to Jane Cully, Lattery.
2 March 1837 John Malcomson Certified by Mr McMachan to Eliza Martin, Ballylane.
19 July 1837 Miss Mary Gillis to Mr James McClean.
7 August 1837 Thomas Glassey to Margaret Ellison, Markethill.
23 August 1837 John Greer to Miss Jane Eliza Scott, Dirlett.
19 October 1837 Samuel Thompson to Miss Eliza Scott, Poke Mill.
5 December 1837 William Gass to Martha Marshall, Lisnagat.
January 1838 James Martin to Miss Corkey.
9 March 1838 John Hendren to Mary McIlroy.
28 March 1838 John Fullerton to Miss Eliza Martin, Lisnagat.
24 April 1838 Archibald Gray to Susanna Parr, Kilbracks.
24 May 1838 James Greer to Jane Lawson, School land.
26 October 1838 William Ellison to Margaret Donaldson Certified by Mr Robinson
10 January 1839 George Scott to Jane Leeper, Ballylane.
21 January 1839 George Davidson to Jane Kidd, Markethill.
26 February 1839 James Jeffers Certified by Rev William Carson, Temple to Mary Dougan daughter of David Dougan, Carricklane.
7 March 1839 James Watson, Drumachee to Miss McAdam, near Tassagh Certified by Mr Malcomson
14 April 1839 James Alexander to Miss Hutchinson
23 April 1839 Acheson Harden to Miss Alexander.
23 April 1839 Robert Levingston to Margaret Rowntree.
24 April 1839 Samuel Tagert to Miss Benson.
9 July 1839 James Donaldson to Miss Isabella Trew.
4 September 1839 John Shannon to Frances Montgomery.
11 December 1839 Matthew Fullerton to Miss Hanna Wallace Certified by Rev ??
9 January 1840 Robert Ferguson to Annabella Smyth.
22 January 1840 Joseph Sinton to Elizabeth McCartney, Drumachee.
31 January 1840 Robert Rainy to Agnes Ewart
15 February 1840 Joshua Shields to Mary Redmond.
12 March 1840 John Heron to Sarah McGowan, Drumachee.
2 April 1840 John Livingston to Margaret Redmond.
22 January 1841 John Taylor Certified by Mr Hervy to Susann Ewart, daughter of George Ewart.
2 April 1841 John Jenkins to Mrs Doling, Markethill.
22 April 1841 Mrs Gray to Lyle Gray, both of Enogh.
29 August 1841 James McClure to Sarah Martin, daughter of Samuel Martin, Ballylane.
9 September 1841 Francis Hatley to Anne Nichol, Wastelands.
27 October 1841 John Edwards to Jane Porter, Kilbracks.
7 December 1841 Mr William Orr to Miss Sarah Stuart, Markethill.
7 December 1841 Isaac Morrison to Margaret Spratt, Thankie.
13 January 1842 Robert Porter to Margaret Ballintine, Kibracks.
14 January 1842 James Lockart to Eliza Jane Montgomery, Kilbracks.
20 January 1842 John Patterson to Jane Hendren, Corhammock.
27 July 1842 Alexander Jamison to Miss Shields, Glassdrummond.
25 August 1842 John Fairly to Mary Clarke, Glassdrummond.
4 October 1842 Samuel Shields to Mary Anne Robinson, Markethill.
28 October 1842 Philip Hately to Miss Nichol, Wastelands.
22 November 1842 John Harvey to Miss Glassey, Glassdrummond.
30 December 1842 John Evans to Ellen Burns, Brackley.
23 February 1843 Thomas Robinson to Mrs Eliza Palmer, Widow, Segahan.
23 March 1843 William Marshall to Miss Cole, daughter of Mr Robert Cole, Armagh
30 March 1843 Robert Aston, Tandragee to Sally Ann Harbinson, daughter of David Harbinson, Druminether.
28 April 1843 Joseph Glassey, Co. Tyrone to Isabella Glassey, daughter of James Glassey, Maghanavey.
10 August 1843 Mr Robert Reid, near Loughgall to Miss May Todd, Co. Down.
6 December 1843 Mr Robert Girvin to Miss Elizabeth Marshall, daughter of Gilbert Marshall, Lisnagat.
25 December 1843 Mr David Marshall to Miss Ferguson, daughter of Mr William Ferguson, near Whitecross.
4 January 1844 Mr James McDowel Certified by Mr McGowan to Miss Anna Bella Gray, Enock.
11 January 1844 George Redmond Certified by Mr Ross to Mary Glassey daughter of William Glassey, Kilbracks.
4 February 1844 Robert Glassey, Drumart to Rachel Hadden of same Townland.
30 March 1844 Clement McCune Glassey to Margaret McCulloch, Cordrummond.
11 April 1844 Robert Gilmore to Sarah Dougan daughter of Thomas Dougan, Seboughan.
23 August 1844 Thomas Crozier to Mary Burns daughter of Widow Burns, Brackley.
1 November 1844 Henry McMehan to Elizabeth Sleeth daughter of James Sleeth, Seboughan.
27 February 1845 James Parr to Mary Parr, Kilbracks.
27 February 1845 Samuel Brown to Sarah Jane Gibson, Dennyhara.
17 March 1845 Samuel Parr to Martha Parr, Kilbracks.
28 March 1845 Richard Irwin to Eliza Smyth, Markethill.
New Marriage Act 1st April 1845







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