Minister and Officers



Minister VACANT


Clerk of Session

Ken Toal



Kenny Maclean



Ronnie Totten


F.W.O. Secretaries

Alex and Nancy Downard


Kirk Session

The Kirk Session consists of elected members and the Minister (Moderator). The minister governs the congregation with the assistance and co-operation of the ruling elders. They, as a Court of the Church, meet in the Kirk Session and are responsible for the spiritual oversight of the congregation.


An Elder, should have "gifts of government", and "to own and believe the Holy Scriptures to be the only infallible rule of Faith and practice". They are also required to show to the congregation and community Christís will and way in their commitment and witness to Him.


Each elder is appointed to the oversight of a "quarter" or district.


The elders have much to do with the Communion service, in helping the minister to distribute the bread and wine, as they "being the arms and hands of the pastor, after he hath consecrated the sacramental elements."


Members of Kirk Session

Moderator -

Clerk of Session - Ken Toal

Harry Alderdice, Robert Donaghy, Jackie Hamilton, Ken Hooks, Philip Johnston, Trevor Lockhart, Dr Pamela Marshall, Edwin McWilliams, Ronald Mills and Walter Scott.


Congregational Committee

The Congregational Committee is composed of the members of Kirk Session and a further group of people elected by the congregation. This gives the Committee a total membership of 33 persons - the Minister, nine elders and 22 elected members.

No distinction is made between members on the basis of which group they come from and in the discussions and decisions of the Committee and in appointment to office each person has an equal standing.

The work of the Committee is split into three Sub-committees, - Finance, Property and Health and Safety.

Members of Committee

Minister, Kirk Session, Horace Adams, David Bingham, Stephen Crymble, Thomas Dalzell, Alex Downard, Mrs Nancy Downard, Bertie Downard, Glenn Dunwoody, Stephen Hamilton, Bertie Hooks, Wesley Jackson, Jimmy Johnston, Nigel Lockhart, Kenny Maclean, Delwyn Malcolmson, Mrs Ann McGaffin, Stanley McKeown, Hillis McMurrray, I. Nesbitt, Ian Shields, Richard Sterritt, Ronnie Totten, Darren Wilkinson.

Hon. Members; Ernie Hamilton (Dec'd), William J. McTurk.



Chairman -

Secretary - Kenny Maclean

Treasurer - Ronnie Totten

W.F.O. Secretaries - Alex and Nancy Downard

Gift Aid Secretary - Kenny Maclean


Finance Sub-committee

Ronald Mills, Convenor; Trevor Lockhart, Secretary; Nancy Downard; Harry Alderdice; Delwyn Malcolmson; Glenn Dunwoody.

Property Sub-committee

Glenn Dunwoody, Convenor; Ian Shields, Secretary; Nigel Lockhart; I. Nesbitt; Bertie Downard;  Stephen Hamilton; Wesley Jackson; Richard Sterritt; Bertie Hooks; Hillis McMurray.


Health and Safety Sub-committee
Stephen Crymble, Convenor; Stanley McKeown, Secretary; Delwyn Malcolmson; Thomas Dalzell.


Grave Yard Sub-committee

Horace Adams, Convenor and Secretary; Edwin McWilliams; Jackie Hamilton; Bertie Hooks.


Information Sub-committee

Darren Wilkinson, Convenor; Delwyn Malcolmson, Secretary; D. Wilkinson; Ann McGaffin.




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