On the 31st July 1763, one hundred and ninety-four male members of Markethill (First) Congregation signed a Resolution.  Many of the signatories’ surnames are to this day connected with the congregation.



We, the under-named Subscribers, Members of the Protestant Dissenting Congregation of Markethill in the County of Armagh, having observed, with the utmost affliction, the desperate and wicked Attempts made by a number of our countrymen, of all Denominations, to throw this County into Anarchy and Confusion, by audaciously preferring to trample under foot the Laws of the Realm, do, in the inert Solemn Manner, declare our Abhorrence of their unjustifiable Proceedings, and take this Opportunity of making it known, that we are truly sensible of the ineffable Happiness we enjoy under the best of Kings, and the innumerable Blessings which have attended this Nation, by a due Execution of the Laws, since the Accession of his Majesty’s Royal Family to the Throne; and we also make this further Declaration, that we will to continue to pay every Mark of Duty to his most Sacred Majesty, his Laws, Magistrates and inferior Officers, and, to the utmost of our Power, aid and assist in preserving the Peace of our native Country and opposing all such as shall wickedly and traitorously attempt to dissuade the same.

In Witness whereof we have hereto set our Hands, this 31st of July, 1763.

George Ferguson (Minister),  Francis Sloane, Andrew Dickson, Thomas McCarrol, John McKean, Michael Wilson, James Campbell, James McClure, Robert Peebles, James Orr, John McWhirter, William Orr, John Brooks, George Taylor, James Jamison, James Robinson, Matthew Bell, Robert Leggat, Henry Todd, Andrew Wilson, Alexander Jamison, John Jamison, Samuel McGarety, Matthew McClinchy, William Goudy, Samuel Peebles, James Miller, Arthur Grear, Richard Coupland, Edward Park, John Moore, John McClelland, James McKean, Henry McWhirter, John McCreary, Joseph McClelland, Edward Ashcroft, John Scott, John Robinson, John Deyelle, John Bell, John Thornberry, Thomas McRoberts, Samuel Ferguson, Samuel Bell, Henry McKean, Luke McClinchie, Samuel Taylor, Andrew Rayney, Alexander Ferguson, Hugh Rush, John Hamilton, James Allen, John Neilson, John Roberts, Francis Lowry, James McClure, James Huckes, Adam Turner, John McMullan, Benjamin Bell, James Wilson, James Neal, James Kirk, Hugh Neilson, James Betty, Samuel McGuaghy, Nathaniel Simpson, James McConlagh, Joseph Raeny, Joseph McCarrol, Wm. Hosack, Robert Betty, Samuel Peebles, Robert Grear, George Erwin, George McGarrety, Thomas McGarrety, John McGarrety, Joseph Jamison, David Hamilton, James Dowery, William Wier, Henry Todd, Adam Bell, John Laverty, James Laverty, John Grear, James McConnell, Hugh Ferguson, David Ross, William Allen, John Turner, Robert Mitchell, John Turner, Samuel McGaughy, William Todd, Thomas Delap, Daniel Laverty, Alexander Johnston, James Whittley, Robert Johnston, Andrew Simpson, John McCoullagh, Wm. Agnew, Andrew Robinson, Robert Ennis, James Kennedy, William Tweedy, Archibald Tweedy, George Murray, George Rowan, Thomas Grear, James McCay, Alexander Wilson, James Lockhart, George Lockhart, William Turner, John Carlisle, James McCay, Robert Ballantine, Archibald McKean, Hugh Cleland, Mungo Dickson, William  McMullan, Thomas Allen, Robert Cleland, Andrew McCombe, John Anderson, James Berry, John Black, John Kerr, Hans Peebles, Michael Augheltree, Richard Bolt, James McDowell, Simon McClinchie, James Luke, Henry Robinson, Alexander McMullan, John McMullan, Arthur Graham, Patt. Chambers, Homer Murray, John Allen, George Sinclar, Robert Henry, John Taylor, John Bell, Alexander Park, Robert McKean, Alex. Turner, John Spence, David Bell, Thomas Shanks, John Sinclar, Benjamin Bell, William Hand, David Hare, John Martin, John McClonchy, John Allen, William Neilson, George Thornberry, James Neilson, James Black, John McRoberts, John Taylor, Alexander McMullan, Adam Scott, George Coghran, Samuel McClelland, Robert Wilson, Robert Stephenson, John Gray, Robert Craige, James Douglas, David Bell, Thomas Little, James McKean, Arthur Dougan, John Dougan, Archibald McKean, William Johnston, Solomon Mordagh, Samuel Craige, John Mordagh, Joseph Craige, Andrew Craige, James Trimble, George McClelland, William Wilson, William Turner, Peter Man, John Maskimin.







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