About us:

Who we are and what do we believe

Our Beliefs

As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland we hold to the reformed faith revealed to us in the Bible and reflected in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

We believe in the need for a personal relationship with Christ and that we have a collective responsibility to make and nurture disciples who will likewise share Jesus in everyday life.

Our Vision

The overall vision cast by Session (our elders) for our church family life and witness is, ‘To know Jesus Christ, reflect him in our lives, and help others to know him.’

To help us realize this vision, Session have established the following aims…

1. Glorify God – a worshiping fellowship

2. Growing more like Jesus – a maturing fellowship

3. Making disciples – a mission centred fellowship

4. Reflecting Jesus in our lives – a caring fellowship

5. Forward looking – a fellowship that trains and nurtures leaders

6. People focused – a fellowship that values all age groups and backgrounds

7. World focused – a fellowship with worldwide interests

Our Story

Markethill Presbyterian Church (officially known as First and Second Markethill Presbyterian Church)

For over three hundred and twenty-five years there has been a Presbyterian congregation in Markethill. The first Presbyterian congregation, made up largely of settled Scottish families, was formed about 1693 and the congregation of Second Markethill was formed in 1745. The two were united on the 1st of November 1919 under the official name ‘First and Second Markethill’ and continue to this day to use both Meeting Houses.

Today, as the town of Markethill grows, we have seen our church family grow. We are embedded in the local community and have close relationships with the local Primary and High Schools. Our parent and toddler group and youth organisations draw many from far and near. We are excited about and open to what God has in store for as we seek, by His Spirit, to be a healthy and fruitful community of grace and truth.

Our Team

In Markethill all members of the church family are called by God and encouraged by us to use their gifts and be part of the team.

God also calls some to be elders (leaders) and currently we have a Session of ten ruling elders plus the teaching elder, Rev Norman Smyth.

Rev. Norman Smyth

Pastoral Visitor
Rev. Jack Drennan

Clerk of Session
Trevor Lockhart

David Bingham

Ronnie Totten

Designated Officer
Dr Pamela Marshall

Kirk Session

Elders are elected by the congregation and ordained by Newry Presbytery which we are part of. Collectively, they have the responsibility of watching over and promoting the spiritual welfare and fruitfulness of the congregation.

Our current elders are…

Trevor Lockhart (Clerk of Session), Harry Alderdice, Robert Donaghy, Jackie Hamilton, Philip Johnston, Dr Pamela Marshall, Ronald Mills, Ken Toal and Ronnie Totten.

Alongside Session we have the Rev Jack Drennan who works on a part-time basis as a pastoral visitor.


In addition to the Session, a wider team called the congregational committee is elected by the congregation to look after all the funds and property belonging to the congregation.

Members of Committee

Minister, Kirk Session, Horace Adams, David Bingham, Timothy Curry, Thomas Dalzell, Nancy Downard, Stephen Downard, Glenn Dunwoody, Andrew Glenny, Stephen Hamilton, Bertie Hooks, Lynda Hunter, Wesley Jackson, Nigel Lockhart, Kenny Maclean, Niall McCool, Anne McGaffin, James McMullan, Edwin McNiece, Barry Millar, Ivan Nesbitt, Harry Shepherd, Ian Shields, Darren Wilkinson.

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